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Firstrolle - Gratrolle - INOFLEXX


Mounting INOFLEXX is fast and easily done by applying the roll-out method.

Butyl adhesive tape ensures reliable bonding of INOFLEXX® on the roof covering. Only a dry, dust- and dirt-free surface is needed. The higher the processing temperature, the higher the tack. The outside temperature has to be at least 5 °C.

unroll INOFLEXX:

Place the roll on the ridge batten and unroll about 50 cm. Center the ridge and hip roll. The central fold in the knitted fabric serves as an orientation

easy mounting of INOFLEXX ridge and hip vent roll
fix the ridge roll:

A tacker or nails help to fix the fabric on the ridge batten. Thus the ridge and hip roll is secured against slippage during mounting.

roll-out ridge roll and fix it with tacker or nails
remove release-paper:

Remove both release-papers on the underside of one INOFLEXX®-half about 40 to 50 cm.

ridge and hip vent roll is attached on the tiles by butyl adhesive tape
firmly press side panels:

Mount INOFLEXX® in a way, that the butyl adhesive tapes follow the tile contour. In order to ensure adhesion in the valleys of heavily corrugated roof coverings
INOFLEXX® must not be laid under tension. Firmly press corrugations to make sure the side panels are well bonded to the tiles.

INOFLEXX ridge and hip vent roll with large ventilation cross section thanks to knitted fabric in the middle section
bend up the tab:

If the inner part of the aluminum side strip is bent upward, an effective protection against the ingress of precipitation of any kind will be created. In addition, the narrowing of the air cross section leads to a venturi effect, which results in an excellent ventilation of the roof structure along with the large ventilation cross section.

INOFLEXX ridge roll is rainproof and protects against birds and martens
fix ridge tiles:

Finally, attach the ridge or hip tiles as usual on the ridge batten, e.g. with brackets.

INOFLEXX ridhe and hip vent roll with mounted ridge tile

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