CoTexx® Knitted Heating Fabric - Composite Heating

The heating of tools “out-of-autoclave” during manufacture is a crucial step towards a cost-efficient production with short cycle times.


CoTexx® Knitted Heating Fabric is an electrical resistance heating made of copper litz wire. Due to its outstanding properties, the semi-finished product can be used for many applications. The knitting of fine resistance wires makes CoTexx® Knitted Heating Fabric flexible, makes it adaptable to complex contours and creates a homogeneous temperature distribution without exception.


By means of CoTexx® Knitted Heating Fabric self-heated-tools or -moulds for the production of composite parts can be manufactured or integrated heating zones in finished GRP / CFRP components can be applied subsequently. Heated zones may be as well integrated directly in components like seat heaters or de-icing applications. Large moulds for components such as rotor blades can be equipped with several heating circuits whose temperatures are controlled independently from each other, depending on the heat demand. For large heating surfaces and / or high temperatures, and thus high electrical heating power, 230V mains voltage in combination with a power regulation is reasonable. For small areas with small heating power a laboratory power supply is recommended for controlling purposes. In any case, the temperature resistance of the matrix must not be exceeded at any point in the overall system.


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