Drahtgestricke für Schwingungsdämpfung, Katalysatoren und Filter

Technical Knitted Fabrics

Knitted fabrics made of metals are used if large surface areas, a defined mesh structure, excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance are important. Due to properties such as ductility, damping and fatigue resistance, in form compressed knitted fabrics are ideal for damping elements in hot environmental conditions, occurring for example in automobiles. Exemplary components are catalysts, silencers and gaskets.


Because of their large defined surface metal knitted fabrics are among others used as demister, oil or air filter in process and plant engineering. Other applications for round knitted fabrics are cable sheathings or shields.



We produce technical knitted fabrics out of a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Raw materials are both strands as well as flat and solid wires.


One of our major areas of expertise is lubricant-free knitting. Based on many years of experience we are able to produce even complex knitted fabrics according to your requirements.

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