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MOOSfree roof cleaning system cleans roofs with the help of copper ions

A roof is not only weather protection and thermal insulation, but also significantly determines the appearance of a building. Time leaves its unattractive marks on the roof. Atmospheric conditions and air pollution cause an ideal breeding ground for mosses and lichens on roof tiles. Especially roof areas, which are dried rarely because of their orientation towards the sun, change its colours to an unattractive green-gray within a short period of time. The fine roots of growing lichens and mosses penetrate the tile surface and are therefore roughening the roofing. Furthermore mosses and liches store water and prevent the roof from drying fast because of wind and sunshine. The moss and lichen growth will accelerate. In addition to the optical impact, the roots can also promote the formation of cracks in the roof tiles. A creeping process, which can damage the materials and shortens its lifetime. Moreover torn moss bales plug roof gutters and prevent proper drainage of rainwater.


MOOSfree Knitted Copper Fabric with high surface and fleece for roof cleaning

MOOSfree® eliminates the cause area-wide and sustainably beginning with the ridge. Centrepiece of the self-adhesive high-tech tape is a multi-ply knitted fabric with a very large active surface made of thin copper wires and a water-storage textile fleece. Copper ions are formed in combination with moisture, which prevent the growth of mosses, lichens, algae and fungi and finally cause the disappearance. A natural process which works environmentally friendly and without chemical biocides. Heavy rainfall, hail or sliding snow removes the dead plant remains.


the cleansing and protective effect of copper can be commonly observed below copper-clad chimneys or dormers. Important for a sufficient concentration of copper ions is a large copper surface. Therefore MOOSfree® is knitted of many thin copper wires to increase the specific surface. Despite the large effective surface the narrow tape is barely visible from the distance and thus does not affect the buildings´ appearance.


MOOSfree® protects your roof with each rainfall - up to 50 years. MOOSfree® cleans already mossy surfaces gradually and protects new roofs right from the start.


INOFLEXX ridge and hip roll for roof ventilation with side strips of aluminium or copper

INOFLEXX® is our ventilated ridge and hip roll made of stainless steel and aluminium. Avoiding the processing of plastics results in an extremely durable ridge roll. Metals are resistant to UV radiation and large temperature differences as occuring on the ridge of the roof. Furthermore they are inflammable and non-combustible. The stainless steel fabric in the center allows a very large ventilation cross section for a sustainable and optimal rear ventilation of the roof substructure. Because the close-meshed fabric of stainless steel wire can not be torn, your roof is also well protected against the ingress of birds and mammals such as martens in the roof structure. A bent tab of the aluminum side panels makes the ridge vent roll rain-proof and refuses drifting snow. INOFLEXX® is therefore the ridge and hip roll if lifetime low-maintenance of the roof have top priority.



Your roof protects you. Protect your roof as well!

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