Efficiency per running metre

MOOSfree® is a complete moss removal system for roofs. It consists of the following components:

ProductWidth Copper-WeightActive Copper-SurfaceArea cleaned - up to
MOOSfree® 115110 mm250 g/m1,7 m²/m10 m
MOOSfree® 170110 mm380 g/m2,8 m²/m15 m
MOOSfree® 30100 mm65 g/m0,28 m²/m2 m
Completion Tape40 mm36 g/m--
Lightning Cond. Adapter----
Butyl Adhesive Tape20 mm---

MOOSfree® is available ready to use on rolls of 5 and 10 metres. Depending on the corrugation of the roof tiles, you may need to use 10 – 15% more than the actual length. Subject to technical changes. MOOSfree Roll


Our standard tape MOOSfree® 115 has an active surface area equivalent to a 170 cm wide copper sheet. Because of its integrated water-retaining fleece, it can keep roofs up to 10 m in rafter length free of moss.


MOOSfree® 170 has a 65 % greater active surface area. Therefore, MOOSfree® operations on 15m and is especially suited to public buildings such as churches, schools, nurseries and public authorities.


MOOSfree® 30 is a double-layered copper-fabric without incorporated fleece. It is a perfect complement to both products mentioned above. With an active surface area equivalent to an approx. 30 cm wide copper sheet, it is suited for the following applications:

copper moss removal tape MOOSfree 30 for ridge and roof tiles without moss


  • Mounting below flat roof windows, dormers and ventilators, where the remaining roof length to the gutter is less than 2 m.
  • Mounting on the ridge. This keeps the roofage above the standard tape free of moss. MOOSfree® 115 can therefore be mounted one or two tile rows lower, which will also enhance the effectiveness of the standard tape.







MOOSfree Completion Tape copper and butyl adhesive tape

Completion Tape is a 40 mm wide copper foil, which is coated on one side with butyl adhesive tape. Besides being suited for covering the ends and joints of MOOSfree® on the roof, this tape is also suited for repairing gutters and down pipes made of copper. This tape is available from stock in rolls of up to 10 m. Each box of MOOSfree® contains strips of Completion Tape.


MOOSfree adapter lightning arrester

Lightning Protection Adapters are useful for connecting MOOSfree® to existing lightening arresters. They are available as pure copper clips as well as bimetal clips (Al/Cu) and are tested and certified according to EN 50164-1 for use in combination with MOOSfree®. According to best technological knowledge, all segments of MOOSfree® longer than 2 m should be linked with the lightening arrester.


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