MOOSfree® - The Natural and Sustainable Roof Cleaning System

clean and moss free tiles below copper plated chimney

Homeowners are proud of their well-tended gardens and facades. Until now, only expensive new roofing, roof coatings or regular roof cleaning have helped against dirty roofs soiled with moss and algae.


The effectiveness of roof copper against moss, lichens and algae is generally well known. Best examples are the clean roof areas below copper-panelled chimneys and dormers.


If you want to use this effect to remove moss from roofs, enough copper surface has to be exposed to corrosion.


MOOSfree buildup

MOOSfree®, the moss removal system for roofs, solves this problem by using 0.1 mm and 0.05 mm thin copper strands that have been processed to a multi-layer knitted textile. As a result MOOSfree® 115, for example, consists of 8,900 m copper strands per meter of MOOSfree®-tape. These 8,900 meter copper strands have the same surface area as a 170 cm wide copper sheet even though the MOOSfree®-tape is only 11 cm wide. In addition, the effect of this enormous copper surface area is nearly doubled due to the inclusion of a water-storing fleece. The continually produced copper ions are buffered in this fleece. Thus they cannot be completely washed out at once by the next rainfall. Instead they are dispersed on the roof surface over a longer period of time. This enables them to have an optimal effect on moss, lichens and algae. A 20 or 30 cm wide strip of copper foil is by far not sufficient for cleaning of an entire roof area.


MOOSfree® 115 is designed for roof areas with a rafter length of up to 10 m. For larger roof areas additional tapes are available. MOOSfree® not only keeps new roofs clean, but also reduces existing moss and algae. An integrated tacky butyl-tape makes MOOSfree® easy to apply to the roof surface. The corresponding terms of Government Safety Organisations must be observed.


MOOSfree® is compatible to gutters made of copper, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic without any problems. Gutters made of zinc or titanium zinc should be coated inside, otherwise they could be destroyed because of pitting corrosion.


Architects and builders are advised to plan plumbing works in copper, so that CoTexx®’s natural and long-lasting moss removal system for roofs can still be applied.

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