Place of Installation

MOOSfree® is stuck onto both sides of the roof ridge, generally on the first row of roof tiles under the ridge tile. The same applies to hipped roofs:


MOOSfree 30
  • An additional stripe of MOOSfree® should be applied below gaps in the roofage, such as those created by dormers, flat roof windows, and ventilation pipes. Exceptions are copper covered dormers, which do not generally require an additional stripe of MOOSfree®.

  • It is not advised to apply MOOSfree® 115 or MOOSfree® 170 on the ridge tile so that MOOSfree® acts on both sides of the roofage simultaneously. This would reduce the effectiveness of MOOSfree®. The ’perfect’ solution however is to apply MOOSfree® 30 directly on the ridge. In this case MOOSfree® 115 or MOOSfree® 170 can be applied on the second or third row of the tiles. This optimises the effect.
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