Please Note the Following:

  • MOOSfree® must not be mounted above bare zinc or titanium zinc gutters or sheets. Such components have to be coated. Otherwise they could be destroyed because of pitting corrosion. CoTexx cannot assume any warranty for the coating of such materials.

  • MOOSfree® may not have any direct electrical contact with base metals such as aluminium. Using MOOSfree® above components made of stainless steel or anodised aluminium is considered technically unobjectionable. Only the appearance of bare aluminium components may be affected.

  • The surface must be clean (free of moss), dry and free of grease and dust. The temperature at the time of mounting must not be lower than +5°C.

  • Excessively porous surfaces should be treated with a primer before application.

  • In order to speed up the cleaning process of surfaces affected with large amounts of moss, lichen and algae, a prior roof cleaning should be considered. In the initial phase of self-cleaning, gutters will need to be cleaned more often to free them of moss and lichen.


The corresponding terms of Government Safety Organisations – especially concerning accident prevention – must be observed.

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