Mounting Instructions

Butyl adhesive tape ensures reliable bonding of MOOSfree® on the roof covering. Only a dry, dust- and dirt-free surface is needed. The higher the processing temperature, the higher the tack. The outside temperature has to be at least 5 °C.

Remove Protection Foil:

Remove both release-papers of the butyl tape incorporated into the bottom copper layer to about 40 to 50 cm.

remove releas-papers of butyl adhesive tape
Stick MOOSfree®:

Align either MOOSfree® 115 or 170, starting at the verge of the roof tile and press on with your hand. Remember never to place the tape under too much tension, otherwise the adhesive area will be reduced.

attach MOOSfree on the first row of tiles below the ridge
Roll over MOOSfree®:

Roll over the tape with a wallpaper roller made of hard plastic or metal and press the butyl adhesive tape on the roof tiles.

roll over MOOSfree
Attach Completion Tape:

MOOSfree® may be shortened with scissors. To cover joints and ends, install a strip of Completion Tape. For this purpose, remove the seperating foil of the butyl side, position the strip and press it down firmly by hand.

copper discharges ions to clean the roof of moss
Mount MOOSfree® 30:

For a "perfect solution" MOOSfree® 30 may be installed additionally on the ridge or below windows using the procedure mentioned above. The installation sketch gives you further advice.

MOOSfree 30 keeps the ridge free of moss and lichens
Finish Installation:

Check again, if every end or joint of the Moss Removal Tape is covered with a strip of Completion Tape. Thereby MOOSfree® will be optimally protected from sliding snow.

After mounting MOOSfree keeps the roof clean for many years
Lightning Protection:

If the roof has a lightning protection system, the entire copper strip must be connected to the lightning protection rod. Special adapters made of copper, which are available as an accessory, have to be screwed every 2 m over the entire length. This procedure is not necessary for MOOSfree® 30 that has been mounted on the ridge.

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