How Many Meters of MOOSfree® Do You Need?

Once you have decided to use MOOSfree®, the next step is to calculate the demand in meters.


  • Make up your mind, on which width your roof should be cleaned by MOOSfree®. MOOSfree® 115 or MOOSfree® 170 is mounted below the roof ridge. Therefore, if you want ton use MOOSfree® on both sides of the roof (e.g., north and south side), the ridge length needs to be taken twice.
  • Depending on the shape of the tiles or roof tiles, an additional demand has to be taken into account, e.g. 15% for a moderately wavy form of the roofing.
  • Add the length for installing MOOSfree® below skylights, dormer windows, vents or chimneys, ie wherever the flow of water is divided. The only exception are roof elements that are clad with copper.
  • MOOSfree® is available in roll lengths of five or ten meters. Therefore, complete a full five meters.

Your roofer or plumber will be happy to help you with your calculation.

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