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Ridge and Hip Vent Roll INOFLEXX made of Aluminium and Stainless Steel

The Ridge and Hip Vent Roll Made of Stainless Steel with a Large Ventilation Cross Section

INOFLEXX® ridge and hip vent rolls are made of stainless steel knitted fabric and aluminium or copper side stripes. Because the processing of plastics is strictly avoided, the ridge and hip vent roll is extremely durable. Unlike metals plastics and rubber-coated fabrics are hardly UV-resistant and become brittle by the large temperature differences on the roof. In addition, the vent fabric of the ridge roll is non-flammable and incombustible.


INOFLEXX® ridge and hip rolls consist of a middle section made of a close meshed knitted fabric. This maximises the ventilation cross-section. The ventilation of the roof structure is permanently opposed to no relevant flow resistance.

The central task of a ridge and hip roll, the ventilation of the roof construction below the roof covering, is achieved by the stainless steel fabric in the midsection. The large ventilation cross section exceeds the requirements of DIN 4108, part 3 by far. The non-tearable knitted fabric made of stainless steel wire with a diameter of 0.2 mm prevents the intrusion of birds and mammals such as martens through the ridge cap.

By using extremely weather resistant coated aluminum side panels, aging problems can be excluded. The up bent part of aluminum side panels keeps precipitation away from the ventillation area. In addition, the venturi effect makes an extra ventilation possible.

A good ventilation of the roof is essential for a rapid drying of the roof substructure after rainfall. INOFLEXX® combines a high ventilation area and rain security because of the bendable part of the aluminum side strips. The folded-up tab on the transition to the stainless steel fabric wards even heavy rain and driving snow. Thanks to the cross-sectional narrowing between ridge roll and ridge tile, the Venturi-effect increases the ventilation.

The four butyl strips on the bottom guarantee a permanent bond to the roof tiles. The pleated side panels are made of aluminum and available in the colors "roof-red" and "slate-grey". Copper side strips are an option as well.

Side panels coloured in „roof-red“ or „roof-anthracite“ are the connection to the tiles or pans. For this purpose a total of four strips of high-quality strong butyl adhesive tape are placed on the back. The strongly pleated aluminum foil with high reserve of material allows the use of INOFLEXX® on almost every roof surface or any type of tile and even on very wavy roof tiles. Only exceptions are roof tiles with lotus effect or silicone coating, as these surfaces prevent the adhesion of the butyl tape. All aluminum strips are provided with a two-layer stove enamelling on both sides , which is resistant to weathering and UV radiation.


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